Thursday, August 10, 2017

My friend the lion - A poem by Seema Sapra

I wanted  
To kiss 
A lion on the mouth
But the lion 
To travel down south. 

So I packed 
My bags 
And got on the train
For the lion
Was by then 
Sitting in a plane. 

I arrived 
At night 
In Chennai city 
Where the lights 
In the rain 
Looked very pretty. 

I followed 
His tracks 
And knocked on a door
But the lion 
Was tired, 
Sleeping on the floor. 

When I woke
The lion
I showed him my pout, 
But the lion
Ate me up 
Was hungry no doubt.

 © Seema Sapra 2009

This poem was inspired by a youtube video see

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